SoundBot® SB235 Review: An Excellent Noise Isolation Headphone

A SoundBot® SB235 Review: An Excellent Noise Isolation Headphone That is Bluetooth Equipped

Headphones, dime a dozen these days. Premium manufacturers promise a lot of quality features, but they make you pay a high price to get them. What if you could get the premium features of headphones that cost $200 or more in a set of headphones that retail for $50? In the SoundBot® SB235, that’s exactly what you’re going to get. It has a number of features and advantages that make it the perfect purchase when you need a new set of headphones.

Why Choose the SoundBot® SB235 Today?

The amount of features that these headphones have is staggering. Not only is equipped with Bluetooth v4.0 so that you can sync it to your favorite devices, but it also offers noise isolation that gives users a clear, pure sound. If you’re tired of hearing echoes within your music or conversations that happen over your VoIP, then you will definitely want to give these headphones a closer look.

The features of the SoundBot SB235 don’t just stop there. The design of the ear comps themselves are truly innovative. With padding that simulates leather and and over the years style, not only are the headphones comfortable, but they also feature a double axle, self-adjustable design which allows most users to experience the high levels of noise isolation that can be provided. Just slip them on, turn on your tunes, and you’re certain to have a great time.

You Can Go Cord Free With the SoundBot® SB235!

Having a set of headphones is nice, but having a set of headphones with wires that get kotted and twisted up isn’t so nice. You won’t have that problem with the SoundBot SB235. Can hook it up to a 3.5 mm audio jack if you want, but it also works cord free with up to 20 hours of talk time or 14 hours of music playback time on a single battery charge. A microphone is also included within the implicit design and you can answer or reject calls with one touch ease.

The quality of these headphones is not in question. Not only do you get the crisp highs and the lo lows that you demand for modern music, but callers come through loud and clear. The microphone provides excellent voice reception so that others can hear you just as well as you can hear them within the headphones too. When you’re done, these headphones also collapse into points, so that you can store them with ease at a place your convenience.

If there was one place for improvement that could be made with SoundBot SB235, read the location of the control mechanisms. For some users, controlling the various functions of these headphones could be a challenge. Otherwise, for this price point, you are not going to find a better product. You are looking for a quality audio solution that is truly portable, then the SoundBot SB235 should be one of the first products you consider.


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