Noise Isolating and Noise Cancelling Headphones


When it comes to finding the right type of noise dampening device, the terminology in terms of the differences between noise isolating and noise cancelling may be somewhat confusing. This is understandable as the terms are closely related. However, there is an actual difference between the devices which is an important consideration which choosing between them.

In essence, the noise isolating headphones place a physical barrier between you and the ambient sounds while noise cancelling headphone create an electronic sound wave that cancels out the incoming noise. While each has a different approach, they both achieve the same thing. However, just how they accomplish the feat of reducing the incoming noise is quite remarkable indeed.

What are Noise Isolating Headphones?

Noise isolation is what many standard headphones do by placing a physical barrier between your ears and the ambient outside noise. The key is having the proper seal in the ear canals in order to effectively block the sound. There are two basic types of noise isolating headphones, those that cover your entire ear and those that are inserted into the ear canal.

Despite conventional thought, the ones that are inserted into the ear canal actually work better if the seal is tight. Those that surround the entire ear generally let in more noise than they should so the in-ear ones are generally better if you can find the right pair.

What are Noise Cancelling Headphones?

Bose_QC3_airplaneBasically, noise cancelling headphones is proactive by using microphones that pickup incoming sounds and then creating inverse waves to cancel them out. So, if you were standing near the road and a car were to drive by, the noise from the engine would reach the microphones and the headphones would then produce a sound wave that would cancel them out.

These devices work best with low pitched sounds such as car engines and the like. However, mid-range vocal sounds are generally not cancelled out such as a baby’s cry which can be somewhat annoying. In most instances, the cancellation is quite remarkable.

Noise Isolating vs. Noise Cancelling Headphones

While experts can argue about which type is actually better, there are some proven products that do work well if you get the right size and effect such as the following;

Overall, each of these five noise cancelling headphones and noise isolation headphones offers the consumer a way to greatly reduce the amount of ambient noise in locations such as at airports, train stations, along busy roadways, construction sites and the like.

If you are looking to reduce the amount of ambient noise to your ears, then you should consider getting one of these noise cancelling or noise isolation headphones which will help to save your hearing and provide more peace and quiet even in the noisiest situations.

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